Aus CCC Bremen


build a small led installation called "FireFairy" tripod that is not higher than 50cm and not wider than 30cm.


FireFairy in OFF mode
FireFairy in ON mode

see images on the right to get an idea/preview what this should look like in a first prototype.

Part list

  • 1x 20cm white translucent outer tube PVC drain pipe, 5 EUR
  • 1x 15cm inner square timber, 5 EUR
  • 3x 7cm semicircular wood for feet,
  • 4x 6-LED-strip-WS2812
  • 8x woodscrew for feet,
  • 1x microcontroller (ESP32 D1 mini), 11 EUR
  • 3x 20cm copper stranded wire (3 colors; red, black, yellow/green)
  • 1x mini powerbank (ca. 2000-5000 mAh); bring your own (BYO)