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Socat Ring of Fire

All direct information here. Source code and coordination Github Project

Our aim is to motivate as many people as possible to, at some point participate in a huge socat_ring_of_fire. Essentially this means that they join a ring of network port proxies forwarding to each other so that any packet inserted at one point will circle the ring indefinitely.

We will prepare a script to setup the proxy ring using socat, flashing the terminal every time a packet containing the string "fire!", in the hope that we will be seeing the packet running through the whole room. We will bring a server to run a public git (for the necessary code), probably some presentation poster, beamer or other display to explain the idea and use the whole setup to bring together all those people who habitually automate or chronically overtool their lives. Special requirements: due to long standing relations, it would be nice to be situated in the vicinity of Chaos West, the most flashy Chaos from the West.

Habitual Automation and Chronic Overtooling

An assembly at the 34c4 for all those hackers who cannot skip on an opportunity to write yet another script for any petty one-shot task or who cannot pass by the opportunity to install this particular toolchain (only they will be able to use) to provide this incredibly necessary arcane feature.

The assembly will try to collect your tool-stories, the mysterious setup of your most mundane tasks or the most elaborate (yet unfinished) projects to code where others have been using pen and paper for ages. In workshops we will tell our own stories and help you to become as addicted to the command line as we are. Most important, we will be there for all our fellow addicts of tool-chain-optimisation to have yet another endless discussion on the advantages of shell X, editor Y, or the usefulness of using graph databases for shopping lists.

We are obviously at the heart of hackerdom: pro Unix-Philosophy of small tools (manager-speaking: the implementation of Fordism to source code), pro creationism (to steal this term from the religious nutheads), and very pro command-line (there is nothing more hilarious of some clickiod repeatedly trying to have the same double-click have different results because the GUI is not sharing the same semantics and is not providing sensible error messages.)

SOCAT Ring of Fire

Suggested Topics

  • Why use DynDNS if you can have your Hidden Service address?
  • You say Thunderlooknotes, I say fetchmail-procmail-spamassassin-formail-procmail-notmuch-gnupgd-alot-gnupgd-esmtp.
  • Organising your research with RDF — starting with your CV
  • Work as I tell you: Task management for people who absolutely are no managers!
  • At the beginning was the command line — hear the words of the wise prophet Stephenson.
  • As catb commanded thee! Hackers code the poisonous fruit
  • Automated remote increment push backup on a pie (ssh, rsync, crontab, pi 3)

Volunteers needed for

  • ZSH your brain to smithereens and beyond.
  • Why use a non-scriptable window manager — if you can compile your own non-functionality?
  • You've got a key — I've SSH.
  • The magical way of regexping your problems into different problems
  • I could not remember to water the plants — home automation for the cyber-physical automation-addict

On-site Code Services

The things we provide or build at the 34c3:

  • Code-Bricks (the world is defined by program code. Code bricks should represent these small building blocks. Contribute your (small) script that made some complicated task similarly difficult, but different and scripted. This code then is printed on a (paper-)brick of which we build the wall of code. Yes, this is more an art project than useful, but it is made of code, like the world. You get it? If not goto start.)
  • Religious Title Generator (providing name-tags for everyone)
  • Utterly representative statistic on scripting languages (based on code-brick languages or the questionaire on some screen, we do not yet have decided what...)

Your monks of the CLI

  • friemelpunk (taskwarrior-addict, email-toolchainer, RDF-over-engineer, scripting research proposals with bash and pandoc, expert for "I did not find the time yet")
  • taskwarrior
  • vimwiki
  • (come on, join the frenzy)